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How to prepare your files

What is the preferred file format and resolution?

For best output, we prefer uncompressed tif files or high res jpegs at 300dpi. We also accept photoshop psd and pdf files.

What is the preferred icc colour profile for your printers?

Files should be supplied as RGB and assigned with Adobe RGB or sRGB colour profile. If you are unsure please contact us.

General set up and colour calibration information

What is the minimum dpi I can supply?

We request that files are supplied at 240 dpi minimum at print size.

What is the maximum recommended dpi?

As a general rule, files should not exceed 360 dpi at print size. Files larger than 360 dpi have an increased memory size yet with no noticeable improvement in printed resolution.

Should I supply RGB or CMYK?

RGB is our preferred file format. Our Epson 11 colour Ultrachrome™ digital print system is able to print much closer to the RGB colours you see on screen than the standard CMYK. The enhanced colour range means that even the most vibrant pigments can be reproduced. If you convert your file to CMYK you limit the range of colour our digital print system has to offer.

What is Absolute and General colour correction?

Absolute colour correction is required for identical color rendering. To attain faithful colour reproduction in the giclée process, we must print a proof of the artwork, evaluate colours; tweak and adjust selective colors and then reprint until the color values approximate a visual equality. These colour issues can be resolved with time spent using expert-level Photoshop techniques.
General colour correction is much easier and consequentially less expensive. This method for many giclée projects is all that is necessary. For some artists, this process can serve as an enhancement to the original, and the enhanced giclée colours create a more marketable print.

How do I calibrate to your printer?

You don't calibrate directly to our printer. You calibrate your monitor to a standard and neutral state. We recommend all clients perform hardware monitor calibration. This is a relatively straightforward and simple procedure. We recommend Colorvision Spyder Pro or Gretag MacBeth Eye One Display. We also offer colour consultancy services.

What is 'colour gamut'?

'Colour gamut' denotes the range of colours that are present in a specified working space. RGB and CMYK have a different working space and range of colours. Neither of these colour ranges reproduce all the colours seen by the human eye. The term 'out of gamut' relates to a range of RGB colours that cannot be reproduced on a CMYK printer. Most imaging software, for example Adobe Photoshop, deal by default with RGB which contains a different range of colours than CMYK. Therefore it is important that you have checked that any colour conversion retains its original appearance.

What is the best way to create a black and white print?

There are several ways in Photoshop to create black and white. While the different ways can create different levels of contrast, the end result is still a file without any colour information. It is important to make sure even black and whites are setup as RGB files, not greyscale, with assigned profile Adobe RGB (1998) to preserve your colour settings when printing.

Ordering Information

Do you have a minimum order?

We have a minimum order value of £60.00 excluding postage. All prices ex VAT @ 20%.

Delivery Costs & Turnaround

Prints are dispatched within 2-3 working days. All deliveries are sent via courier & tracked. Delivery time calculated from time of dispatch. All items are carefully packaged to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

Visiting our Studio

We encourage visitors to our studio to see the process and our products. However, as we are often busy with production, visits are by appointment only. Please contact us by email to arrange an appointment:

Why choose Giclée?

Giclée: The Definition

The term Giclée ("chee-clay"), describes the process of high quality inkjet printing. Giclée prints are held in many galleries and museums around the world. It is widely considered as the highest quality digital reproduction method available today.

Epson HDR Giclée Printing

Epson print technology truly leads the way in giclée printing. We use a pure digital process featuring the latest colour management technology to deliver precision prints possessing longevity (150+ yrs) and true to life colour reproduction. Our print system uses ultra fine droplets to produce incredible resolutions of up to 2880 dpi.

What Makes It A Giclée?

  • Fully implemented colour managed workflow
  • Continuous tone to unaided eye
  • Lightfast papers 150+ years
  • Epson giclée Printer
  • Ultrachrome HDR archival pigment inks

What is archival printing?

We stock a wide range of archival grade papers and canvases, for their unique properties for photographic and fine art printing, guaranteeing the same result time after time. All our prints are produced on an Epson large format printers offering unparalleled output quality with the widest colour gamut.