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Stanley Kubrick Archive

Stanley Kubrick Archive

Restoration of transparencies from the 1960's and large format giclee printing

The Challenge

Digital restoration of large format transparencies of original artwork from the 1960's. The clients required large format prints in various sizes. Importantly we needed to maintain detail and colour accuracy, faithful to the original scans.

Bringing 50 year old transparencies back to life

The original artwork had been photographed and we were tasked with the fine digital clean up process. Once complete, we were able to achieve accurate colour balance using a range of processes developed in-house specifically for this type of work. Finally we produced test prints for the client, prior to running the edition.

"Working closely with the family of the late film director Stanley Kubrick on various book and exhibition projects, I came to Image Centre with a complex restoration problem - restoration of images in the form of transparencies dating from the 1960s (more than half a century old) showing the original poster artworks for the classic film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Although the transparencies were in good condition, their colour had faded over the years, and there were other subtle problems of tone and contrast to address in the scanning and printing process. Image Centre was an enthusiastic partner in a major historical restoration project. The final results were stunning."

Piers Bizony - journalist & author

Large format edition printing

All the prints were produced on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag308. Prints were individually wrapped, using heavyweight archival tissue paper for additional protection prior to shipping.